Meet Taylor Ramsie, the illustrator behind the art of FW20

Taylor Ramsie, the face behind Ramsie.Taylor is an artist and fashion designer from Baltimore, Maryland. She began her journey with the arts and fashion at a young age and hasn’t stopped since. She attended and graduated from Virginia Commonwealth’s Fashion Design program in 2015 and is now making her place in the world of art and fashion. As a designer, she has found her voice through her own experiences with mood, emotion and their relationship with the art and process of design. Taylor believes that fashion is something that can be embraced my many people in an infinite number of ways. “Everyone should be able to express themselves. I believe that we as designers are not only here for ourselves, but also to share our vision with others and maybe even help them along on their own journeys”.



In the midst of the pandemic and a climate of civil unrest, the country (if not the world) has a had a chance to hit the reset button and take a hard look in the mirror. The fashion industry has taken the opportunity to do the same. Recognizing the wealth of untapped talent in the Black community that has gone unnoticed, there has been a rallying cry to support black designers. A number of outlets have created lists of noteworthy brands, including Kimberly Goldson.