10 years in the game and ain't a damn thing changed!

Ok... a few things have changed but you know that, you've been along for the entire ride! We’ve launched in major luxury retailers such as Saks Fifth Ave, Nordstrom, Intermix and on-line with ShopBop! There has been an additoinal collection with children’s luxury brand Janie + Jack for the debut of their tween expansion. And then… there was Barbie! Yes, there is a KG Barbie! She’s such a gorgeous representation for our little ones of all shades and from all backgrounds. She was such a joyous and prideful collaboration because we need to see her in fashion. 

Now, I, Kimberly, have the pleasure of introducing you to the latest addition to our family: KGEyewear! I know you are not supposed to have favorite babies. Every season I’m asked in interviews, buyer appointments and on social: what is my favorite piece of the season? I always answer honestly which makes one “baby” beam with pride while the others are left feeling unloved. I’m sorry. Is it too late to say I love them all equally? If so, then good because I need to update to my ABSOLUTE favorite thing that I’ve done to date which is KGEyewear!

If you follow my personal page, @kgfromkg, then you know that I love wearing frames! Quick story. One day, I walked past my favorite eyewear spot - on a day that I vowed not to spend any money (do y’all have those days?) and I said to myself, let me just pop in and see what they have… After purchasing two pairs (insert eyeroll emoji), the owner said, “you should launch frames under your label. It’s a natural addition to your brand. You love dope eyewear!” If “the lightbulb went on over your head” was a person. I’m like why hadn’t I thought of that sooner! So we went to work and after almost a year of developing, prototypes, samples, revisions, shipping delays, etc., we finally have them. I couldn’t be more proud. 

I encourage you to try a pair or two… and then send me a message and tell me what you think. Remember, you would never tell a person that their child is ugly, so only send glowing messages (jk but not jk!)

Our vision to becoming an all-encompassing lifestyle brand is well on its way! 

Happy 10th Anniversary/KGEyewear launch!